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We hope to cover key school events

Welcome to The Viking Chronicles! The Viking Chronicles will cover community events, occasional national and international stories, and we will feature periodic interviews with staff members, local celebrities, and community heroes.

We would also like to provide a space in our newspaper to praise others who are part of our school community or who support our school and its students in some way. Our Praiseworthy page will allow members of our school community to write to our newspaper and tell us how someone at school or in our community has helped them. Please keep your praiseworthy letters to 120 words or less.

We also encourage you to send emails or letters to us with your feedback, comments, story ideas, and/or praise. We may publish some of these letters in future editions of our newspaper. You can drop off your letters in Mr. Dickson's classroom (room 03) or you can email our class at

Please note that many students beyond those with bylines contributed to this newspaper.

Thank you for reading it.

- NBMS Journalism Students

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