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A Place for All in New Brighton Athletics


NBMS offers an extensive sports program for students.  The after school sports program is offered during each quarter of the year.

  • Quarter 1:  Girls’ Basketball, Boys’ Soccer, Cross Country

  • Quarter 2:  Girls’ Soccer, Boys’ Basketball

  • Quarter 3:  Wrestling, Girls’ Volleyball, Golf

  • Quarter 4:  Girls’ Softball, Boys’ Volleyball, Track & Field


For specific starting dates of the sports team, please check with the NBMS website. Tryouts, practice times, and games are also posted on our school website. The GPA and determination of eligibility are based on quarter grades. In order to be eligible to participate on any after- school sports team or club a student must have a minimum of a 1.0 GPA.


If a student is ineligible due to the prior quarter GPA the student will be on probation for the entire season.  After 3 weeks of maintaining a GPA of 1.0, the student will be eligible to represent the school on the team.  Students will be able to practice during this three-week period.  The player will need to check their grades each Monday and present them to the Athletic Director to verify eligibility for the week.


If a student receives a progress report F, or their GPA drops below 1.0 during the playing season, the student will be placed on probation (student may practice but not play in any games). The student becomes eligible to play when the F grade is a D or above, and GPA is 1.0 or above.

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