Meet The Team

NBMS School Office Telephone Number (831) 464-5660
Attendance Line (831) 464-5660 Ext. 490

If you call during school hours your call will be transferred directly to a teacher's voice mailbox. They will return your call at their earliest convenience. If you have an urgent matter, please call the school office and they will assist you. After 4:00 p.m. Monday - Friday the automatic system will answer and you will be asked to enter a mailbox extension to speak directly to a teacher or leave a message if they are not available.

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Ext. 493


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Ext. 495

Assistant Principal


Ext. 400

Office Manager


Ext. 491


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Ext. 490


Ext. 464

Campus Supervisor & Athletic Director

Amy Gonzalez

Campus Supervisor

Ext. 497


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missing-Student ID-48.jpg

Ext. 440


Ext. 494

Counselor/Social Worker

Ext. 487



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missing-Student ID-60.jpg
missing-Student ID-18.jpg

Administrative Staff

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Ext. 432


Ext. 416

Ext. 412

Ext. 404

Ext. 414

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Ext. 403


Ext. 438


Ext. 413

Ext. 425

Ext. 463

Ext. 416

Ext. 437

Ext. 452

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missing-Student ID-30.jpg
missing-Student ID-29.jpg
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missing-Student ID-25.jpg
missing-Student ID-26.jpg

Ext. 422


Nutritional Staff

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missing-Student ID-49.jpg

Lupe Esparza

Diana Jacobo

Martha Raya


Sandy Karambela

Classroom Aides/Facilities Management

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