Meet The Team

NBMS School Office Telephone Number (831) 464-5660
Attendance Line (831) 464-5660 Ext. 490

If you call during school hours your call will be transferred directly to a teacher's voice mailbox. They will return your call at their earliest convenience. If you have an urgent matter, please call the school office and they will assist you. After 4:00 p.m. Monday - Friday the automatic system will answer and you will be asked to enter a mailbox extension to speak directly to a teacher or leave a message if they are not available.

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Ext. 493


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Ext. 495

Assistant Principal

Jake Struckmeyer.jpg
Laurie Struckmeyer.jpg

Ext. 400

Office Manager

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Ext. 491


Alicia Gomez.jpg

Ext. 490


Ext. 464

Athletic Director

Amy Gonzalez

Campus Supervisor

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Bryan Koch.jpg

Ext. 440


Ext. 494

Counselor/Social Worker

Jake Struckmeyer

Campus Supervisor

Jennifer Soto-Rinehart.jpg

Ext. 497



Administrative Staff

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Ext. 438




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Michelle Bell.jpg
Amy Cummins.jpg

Ext. 432

Glenn Soto.jpg

Ext. 416

Ext. 412

Monica Prestegaard.jpg

Ext. 424

Ext. 414

Ext. 422

Andreas Zappacosta.jpg

Ext. 402

Roy Segura.jpg
Edward Curzon.jpg

Ext. 416

Ext. 425

Ext. 463

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Leigh Ann Work.jpg
Luke Webb.jpg
Melissa Walding.jpg
Jim Walker.jpg
Amber Vukasovich.jpg
Allysson Watkins.jpg

Ext. 442

Ext. 403

Ext. 426

Nutritional Staff

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Lupe Esparza


Diana Jacobo


Martha Raya


Sandy Karambela

Classroom Aides/Facilities Management

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Annie Dungan.jpg