Art I is offered to students interested in advancing their skills.  The students will gain a better understanding of the history and meaning of artworks.  They will create art using: pencil, watercolor/acrylics, mixed media, crayons, and markers.  Within the semester, they will also work with ceramics, stoneware and sculpture.










The AVID program delivers a rigorous curriculum of writing, inquiry, collaboration,

organization and reading.  This is designed to help students develop the skills and knowledge to

enter college directly after high school.  Students selecting the AVID elective will be interviewed

by the AVID teachers before being admitted to the program.

AVID Class Information Page

Enjoying Shakespeare

In this non-academic elective class students will read simple versions of Shakespeare’s plays, watch films, re-enact scenes, and participate in a variety of activities in order to learn the timeless stories written by one of the world’s greatest playwrights.


Through individual and group instruction, students will practice, rehearse and perform music in preparation for performances at festival, school, and community events. Music will be from a wide variety of pep/pop, jazz and concert band literature. One-year experience on your instrument is highly recommended and all piano players and percussionists are encouraged to participate.

Colorful Food

Healthy Living

Students will participate in a variety of healthy activities and learn about healthy lifestyles. Activities and topics will include preparing healthy food, gardening, exploring Capitola on foot, developing stress management techniques, healthy communication/expression, healthy choices, teen/pre-teen issues, media literacy, yoga, participating in activities that enhance an appreciation for our environment, and solar energy cooking. Special guests with expertise in these areas will join us periodically.

(This class may be repeated with teacher/administrator permission).


After being trained in the safe use of hand and power tools, students will build a variety of creative and practical projects with a high degree of independence and individual responsibility. Along the way, students will gain confidence, develop an aesthetic sense, learn how to deal with setbacks, and find their way into “the quality zone” through focus and perseverance. Students will also do a little drafting/technical drawing.


Students will be responsible for the production, publication, marketing, and distribution of the school yearbook. Students learn the basics of photography, design, and graphic layout. Students will practice interviewing skills and writing as we create the "story" of the school year. The yearbook staff uses programs such as Google Docs, Slides and Forms as well as our online yearbook production program.


This is a semester-long elective course for seventh and eighth graders. The class will develop communication and leadership skills. You will learn how computers and programming languages work, how to code your first project using the Code Naturally app and receive resources and ideas regarding how to code.  Code Naturally is a methodology to transform students from technology consumers to technology creators.


Spanish I offers a review of preliminary vocabulary, such as numbers, the calendar, weather, greetings, and farewells. Geography and cultural aspects will continue to be taught. By the end of the semester, students will be using and understanding all forms of the verbs To Be and To Have, and will be able to communicate verbally and in writing about school, friends, family and home.  They will learn common question words and how to answer them.