The Humanities Department at New Brighton Middle School is committed to the instruction of Language Arts Standards not as isolated skills but as an integrated literacy program and often through the themes and content of the Social Studies Framework.


Reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills are taught to advance literacy and learning and are necessary for learning the Social Studies curriculum. Reading is taught through core literature expository text, and anthologies often correlated to Social Studies. Texts and other supplemental materials are used to teach writing, grammar, and spelling. A comprehensive Social Studies text teaches Ancient Civilization (6th), Medieval and European cultures (7th), and United States History (8th).


Fiction, history poetry and culture are all critical components of New Brighton's Humanities Department.

‘Humanities’ is a two-period class: one period for Language Arts and one period for Social Studies.  During both classes students will be reading, analyzing, and discussing information from a variety of texts, working to improve writing and speaking skills and exploring History. 



Language Arts: Writing

  • Writing Styles: Narrative, Expository, and Argumentative

  • Writing process: Pre-writing, Draft, Revision, Editing and Publishing

  • Grammar: Sentence structure, Parts of speech, Punctuation, Capitalization, and Spelling


Language Arts: Reading

  • Reading: Word Recognition, Vocabulary Development, Reading Comprehension and Literary Response/Analysis 

  • Novel studies: Variety of Novels

  • Accelerated Reader: Students are required to read 150 minutes minimum per week. 


Social Studies

Geography, critical thinking skills, and cooperative learning will be incorporated throughout every unit.  


  • Humanities 6

  • Humanities 7

  • Humanities 8

  • Read 180 6/7

Humanities Staff

Johaan Ryberg

Andreas Zappacosta

Evan Dickson

Liz Penrod

Michele Tomlin

Lee Hoover

David Werdmuller

Michelle Bell

Chris Dibble

Amanda Drake

Joanne Roster

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