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DRESS CODE (NBMS follows the SUESD dress code)

We communicate who we are by the way we choose to dress and care for our appearance.  Clothing worn to school should be comfortable and appropriate for school activities. The most important considerations when selecting school clothing are safety and an appearance that is conducive to maintaining a safe learning environment.


Students whose clothing is found to be inappropriate or unsafe for school will have the option of changing into PE attire or other appropriate attire issued by the school administration.  The parent/guardian shall be notified of the dress code violation. All inappropriate items will be held in the office and returned to the student at the end of the school day or when the washed loaner clothes are returned.  Subsequent violations of the School Dress Code may result in additional disciplinary action including Friday School or suspension.


In cooperation with administrators, teachers, staff, students and parents/guardians, the superintendent or designee shall establish district rules governing student dress and grooming which are consistent with law and Governing Board policy. This Administrative Regulation will serve as the de facto district dress code. The district dress code shall be regularly reviewed. School Site Council Meetings represent the ideal forum to review the district dress code. SUESD holds the highest aspirations for our students. To this end, we distinguish the academic environment from other social arenas. We encourage parents/guardians to take an active role in determining what clothing is considered appropriate at school. Fashions and fads that constitute a health or safety hazard to one’s self or others are not allowed. A student’s personal appearance should not disrupt the educational process, call undue attention to the

individual, violate federal, state or local health or obscenity laws, or affect the health, safety and/or welfare of student and his/her classmates or the school staff.


Each school shall allow students to wear sun-protective clothing, including but not limited to hats, for outdoor use during the school day.


In addition, the following guidelines shall apply to all regular school activities:

  • Shoes must be worn at all times. Flip-flops or backless shoes are not acceptable at elementary sites due to integrated recess and physical education activities.

  • Clothing, jewelry and personal items (backpacks, fanny packs, gym bags, water bottles etc.) shall be free of writing, pictures or any other insignia, which are crude, vulgar, profane or sexually suggestive; which bear drug, alcohol or tobacco company advertising, promotions and likenesses; or which advocate racial, ethnic or religious prejudice.

  • Hats and caps shall not be worn indoors (excluding a doctor-verified medical reason to do so).

  • Students must wear clothing including both a shirt with pants or skirt, or the equivalent (for example dresses, leggings, or shorts). Shirts and dresses must have fabric in the front, back, sides, and over the shoulders. Separate upper body apparel must be long enough to meet the top of the lower body apparel.

  • Clothing must cover undergarments (straps excluded).

  • Any emerging trend not addressed in this dress code will be evaluated by the administration and that decision will be final.

  • Heavily scented products are not permitted.

  • Wearable technology (i.e. smart watches) is permitted but is to be governed under each school’s policy on digital devices and/or smart phones.


Coaches and teachers may impose more stringent dress requirements to accommodate the special needs of certain sports and/or classes. 


No grade of a student participating in a physical education class shall be adversely affected if the student does not wear standardized physical education apparel because of circumstances beyond the student’s control. 


The principal, staff, students and parents/guardians at each school may establish reasonable dress and grooming regulations for times when students are engaged in extracurricular or other special school activities.


Gang-Related Apparel

It is the responsibility of the District to provide safe campuses. Therefore, any clothing, signs, attire, or paraphernalia which are identified by site administration as being “gang related” or which cause rival gangs to be openly hostile to each other or create an atmosphere of intimidation on campus will be forbidden. Administrators, staff and parents/guardians participating in the development of the District safety plan shall define “gang-related apparel” and shall limit this definition to apparel that reasonably could be determined to threaten the health and safety of the school environment if it were worn or displayed on a school campus. 


Because gang-related symbols are constantly changing, definitions of gang-related apparel shall be reviewed regularly and updated whenever related information is received.

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