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Programas y Actividades

Students can expect to have at least 1 hour of homework each night.


Requests for Assignments When Absent

Students who are absent from class for any reason are expected to make arrangements with their teachers directly or through calling the office.  We recommend that the student call classmates for work if the absence is less than three days. Requests for homework can be sent to the teachers via email.


Short Term Independent Study

Students who expect to be absent for 5 days or more  (but not to exceed fifteen school days) should apply for Short Term Independent Study, through the school office. Please let the office know at least two weeks in advance.


The work that is assigned to an Independent Study is due on the day the student returns to school to the office. Student work will be graded and attendance will be credited based on the percentage of work completed and returned.  Incomplete work equates to an unexcused absence.


Cheating, forging signatures, copying another student’s homework, letting a student copy your work, plagiarizing (using other sources word for word without giving credit to the source), etc. are examples of academic dishonesty. These types of behavior are both unethical and illegal and carry with them a consequence of, at a minimum, an F for the assignment, a parent/parent conference, and Friday School. Subsequent offenses will include school suspension.


Homework Clubs and Library Study Hall are also available most days after school. Check with the school office for the current schedule. 

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