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Programas y Actividades

The Soquel Union Elementary School District is dedicated to providing a safe educational environment for all students, staff, parents, and visitors at each of our schools' elementary sites; Soquel, Main Street, Santa Cruz Gardens and our middle school, New Brighton. 


Under some circumstances, school cannot open due to loss of utilities (water, heat, and electricity), severe weather, or dangerous road conditions. If this happens, the District will contact the local radio and television stations listed below. They will broadcast spot announcements as often as possible. When there are flood warnings, tune in beginning about 6:30 am to listen for public service announcements regarding our district and/or your local school.


Please assume that if no public announcement is made by 8:00 am, school will be open. You may call the school to verify. If the phone just rings and rings, it may mean we do not have electricity. Our current phone system does not work without electricity.

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